Dear Colleagues:

One person sees an image or hears an idea. Another sees or hears the same thing, yet, they interpret the message completely differently. That notion has been front and center in our American national discourse and news. 

As communicators, it should be clear to us that each audience's life experience and preferences shape how we see and experience any single message. 

In this issue of Marketing Coach I ask you to review scenes from this winter. Each of us relates to the separate images from our own point of view, possibly inspiring us to create, solve, and collaborate in different or unique ways. 

What's your point of view? Can you imagine another interpretation of what you see?

Stay warm!
Winter Phenomenon and Perspectives 

Your Turn to Match

What descriptors best match the images below? Is there more than one word that fits with an image? Is there more than one image that fits with a descriptor? 

During times when we are encouraged to stretch creatively and communicate across multiple audiences, this visual experience is an important reminder that images tell different stories based on one's perspective. I personally find it fascinating that the same image can evoke joy and awe in one person while raising fear or disdain in another.

Nevertheless, these images can all inspire us with the remarkable view that can be found in nature and in our daily places.

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